Irony alert: Teachers in 15 districts walking out of classrooms this week to demand salary increases (also known as more money for education), will actually cost taxpayers $11.5 million by skipping classes.

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We further learn the average salary of Colorado teachers is $42,800 a year. But, when compared to someone who only gets two weeks of vacation, instead of all summer, Christmas, spring break and all the holidays, that salary averages out to $57,855 a year.

Not too shabby a salary, especially if someone chose their career just because they wanted to teach children, not because they are in it for the money.

What goes unanswered, is how much money this week’s walkouts will cost families, single parents, those on minimum wage, who don’t have months of time off to spare to take care of the children who were scheduled to be in school?

Whether it’s politics with which they disagree, or when they want more money, walking out of a job or responsibilities is a terrible example these education leaders are teaching our children.