Yesterday, rappers Kanye West and Chance the Rapper basically broke the Twitters with a few tweets that pushed black Americans to shake off the stranglehold the Democratic Party has had on them for the last 50 years. We know, the universe has turned upside down. But what many people don’t know is that the issue of whether Black Americans should blindly vote for Democrats and Kanye West has been simmering for a couple of weeks and Colorado plays a part.

On April 14, Candace Owens, a black, female, millennial conservative who works for conservative Turning Point, visited Colorado State University. While she was there, she was shouted down by a CSU grad student named Erica LeFehr, who is part of Students Against White Supremacy. LeFehr accused Owens of, yes, we’re serious, perpetuating white supremacy because Owens would not go along with LeFehr’s ideal that black people should be Democrats (we paraphrased).

Owens fired back saying that black people are not a monolith voting block and that they are not “ideological slaves.” Ouch. Here’s the video:

After this exchange during the day, there was a more heated exchange at CSU later that night and again at University of California Los Angeles a couple of days later. Following the series of controversies between Owens and Black Lives Matter, Owens took to Twitter and posted her infamous speech that earned the praise of Kanye West:

Kanye responded:

BOOM. The tweet that caused thousands of liberal heads to explode. Kanye followed that tweet with praise of President Donald Trump a couple of days later.

Then, Chance the Rapper weighed in last night, too. And liberals are tripping over themselves to explain why Kanye and Chance the Rapper are wrong.

All three are right and this is not about being a Republican or a Democrat. It’s about the freedom to think what you want about whatever issue without fear of recrimination from the angry Twitter mob. Why can’t women like Trump? Why can’t black people like Trump? Owens claims she’s igniting an ideological civil war within the black community. Good for her. Any of the groups that Democrats have tried to claim as their voting blocks should embrace ideological freedom.