All week long, everyone in Colorado has been hearing that Colorado teachers are either the 46th worst paid or the 49th worst paid teachers in the nation. Moms were appalled, teachers up in arms, communities horrified. Good thing it’s not true, according to the National Education Association – yes, that’s right, the teachers’ own union. A report dated this month shows that Colorado is 31st for average teacher pay. It’s not near the top, but certainly pretty darn close to the middle. H/T to Kyle Clark for uncovering this farce.

According to the NEA, the State of Colorado provided the updated numbers. Instead of the average teacher making just over $46,000 per year, they actually make just over $51,000 per year. That’s for working eight months out of the year, by the way. The average per capita income in Colorado is just over $52,000, so teachers are pretty average. Again, for working eight months out of the year.

So, as single parents and hourly workers scramble to find childcare for 500,000 students, remember that every time the union cites the 46th or 49th in pay or the $46,000 number, they are not being honest. They know better as of this month and chose not to correct the record.

So, if we’re in the middle of the pack for pay, why exactly are teachers rallying today and tomorrow? Why are teachers costing the state $11.5 million? Why are teachers forcing families to scramble for childcare? This entire rally is based on nothing. Nothing. If the union was hoping to curry favor among parents and community members, this just backfired.