Instead of asking serious environmental policy questions, or, ahem, about the Gold King Mine cleanup, U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette squandered her five minutes of rare question time on petty issues with EPA Chief Scott Pruitt during a hearing this week.

She demanded yes or no answers, so Pruitt wouldn’t get a chance to explain himself, and when he did answer she arrogantly brushed him off for refusing to bow down to her majesty and gave him 40 tongue lashings for speaking in complete sentences.

She threw out hardball questions with her limited time, like, should public officials be held to high ethical standards?

Then went in for the kill demanding to know if he paid taxes on a room he leased for rent in 2003?

He did.

DeGette apologized for running out of time before she could question him about Gold King Mine his D.C. condo.

Her performance and petty political bickering, as usual, is an embarrassment to Colorado. It’s especially outrageous that Democrats pretend to be the only stewards of the environment, yet when they get a chance to question the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, all they want to do is score political points — to Hell with the Animas River, San Luis Valley, and Mother Earth.

Here’s the video, judge her for yourself.