Riddle us this: How can a wave of anti-Trumpism among Democrats knock off their own liberal establishment politicians in the upcoming congressional elections?

We don’t really want to say. We’d rather just watch it all unfold while eating our popcorn and a pound of Skittles.

Unfortunately, the most liberal media in the U.S. is sounding the red alert for it’s comrades, and guess who popped up in the top three Democrats in danger?

It couldn’t have happened to a more entrenched, congressional lifer, and we have Democratic challenger Saira Rao to thank, who also out-raised DeGette in the last quarter.

Their cash-on-hand accounts are almost even now, DeGette has $212,887 while Rao has $183,967 as they head into the homestretch.

Rao credits her rise in popularity to the blind eye that the Democratic Party has turned to the rift forming in their ranks.

Rao volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016, but grew frustrated with the Democratic Party for taking the votes of women of color like her for granted.

So she wrote an essay on “Breaking Up with the Democratic Party” that went viral, and the overwhelming response compelled her to run for office.

“We have a window (to save the country). It’s closing pretty soon. We don’t have until 2020 and I have zero faith that the corporate Democrats in Congress will do a damn thing about it,” Rao said. “Thank you for your service Nancy Pelosi, but we need new leadership.”

Democrat Jason Crow has already sold his soul to the Democratic leadership for putting in the fix for his primary race against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, so he’s got that blood-oath hanging over his head to back Pelosi in the next leadership race.

But, it looks like we can put Rao down as a “no” vote.