On Friday afternoon, Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Rape Whistles) announced that former Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had endorsed his campaign in the Democratic Attorney General primary. Because nothing says, “I’m so excited to endorse you” like a Friday afternoon news dump.

Salazar, who has raised just $57,000, but has decent name recognition, is running against Democrat Phil Weiser, who has raised nearly one million dollars, but is polling around five percent. Tough spot for Democrats. According to the announcement, Sanders believes in Salazar’s progressive agenda:

“Now more than ever we need officials who will stand up for working families and the public interest against wealthy and powerful special interests. Joe’s record of progressive achievements in the legislature show that’s the kind of attorney general he will be.”

It’s not clear who those “wealthy and powerful special interests” are.  We do know that Salazar has been a stalwart against women using guns to defend themselves from would-be attackers. We also know that Salazar is a leading voice against the oil and gas industry. You know, the industry that provides good paying jobs for working families? Yes, that one.

Regardless, it’s unclear whether this helps or hurts Salazar in his quest to topple the well-funded, but unknown Weiser. It certainly helps with his base, but now that the race is down to just two (so far), will Salazar’s base be enough to pull him across the finish line?