Here’s a heart-warming story in which animal rights activists and developers saved more than 100 prairie dogs from the encroachment of new human neighbors.

Tens of thousands of dollars were spent to build high-end critter condos underground, and it will continue to cost homeowners who move into the new Loveland houses along Boedecker Lake additional money every month for rodent upkeep.

Why go to so much trouble? So the prairie dogs can be saved stalked and eaten by predators, apparently.

Standing near the relocated colony, (developer Tony) Vienna … pointed out at least four raptors soaring in the blue sky near Boedecker Lake, a view people love — and a species that would not be able to thrive in that area without a food source.

“The prairie dog’s main importance is food for the raptors,” Vienna said. “It’s not just that people are trying to save a rodent. It’s the circle of life. You’ve got to keep the prairie dogs alive to provide food for raptors, to provide food for coyotes. It’s perpetual motion.”

In case you were wondering where the animal rights activists stand on this all-you-can-eat prairie dog buffet, they were instrumental in its creation — sort of the chefs, as it were.

And when the predators run out of prairie dog patties, the raptors can always dine next door in the new housing development on kitty kabobs, and we bet the coyotes will enjoy feasting on Fido.

Welcome to the neighborhood.