Attention all criminals: You will no longer be permitted to commit crimes in Boulder using certain types of guns, thanks to a city council knee-jerk reaction to soon ban random weapons.

All criminals must surrender or register their guns with local law enforcement. And if you are caught committing crimes with guns, those guns will be taken away and you will be punished for having a gun.

This means that no one in Boulder will be able to buy a gun to protect themselves from you and your gun, so just stay away, they don’t want you there.

And don’t think this gives you a free pass to just go on a crime spree with your gun. Because everyone in Boulder has a cell phone, and they’re not afraid to dial 9-1-1.

Boulder has declared the time has come for criminals to be lawbreakers without depending on guns, and in the process, strip away our Constitution rights and turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.

Because, Boulder.