The results for the GOP gubernatorial fundraising quarter are in and the big winner this round is state Treasurer turned Republican gubernatorial candidate, Walker Stapleton, who raised more than his Republican counterparts and has more cash on hand than his Republican primary challengers, even when taking into account self-funder Victor Mitchell.

Mitchell has just over $262,000 on hand, currently. That said, he could, in theory, write himself a check, if needed.

It’s unclear what is going on with former Parker Mayor Greg Lopez’s report. Surely he spent some money on…something…? And he didn’t raise a single dollar? Really? Not a single dollar?

Below are the stats on each of the four Republican candidates.

Greg Lopez

Raised: $0

Spent: $0

COH: $153

Victor Mitchell

Raised: $16,715

Spent: $1,867,991

COH: $262,657

Doug Robinson

Raised: $90,827

Spent: $422,393

COH: $98,228

Walker Stapleton

Raised: $388,578

Spent: $450,766

COH: $831,795