By the time the primary election rolls around, Coloradans will already be sick and tired of the commercials thanks mostly to just one candidate in the Democratic primary for governor — U.S. Rep. Jared Polis.

The bazillionaire has plucked nearly $2 million from his change purse to buy 3,352 commercials — that’s about 46 commercials a day — that will run through next month.

Colorado Public Radio says that’s far more than anyone else, after reviewing 150 broadcast TV contracts filed with the FCC.
That’s not getting out the message, that’s over-saturating the market. And it reminds folks that Polis has money to burn, which would be the opposite of the common man (or woman) Democrats say they like to elect.

A PAC supporting Mike Johnston has purchased $310,715 in ads, but CPR didn’t tell us how many commercials that buys.

Bringing up the rear in TV commercial spending are the candidates believed to be in first place, Cary Kennedy, and last place, Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne.

Donna Lynne and Cary Kennedy are starting to purchase TV ads now, but are still under contract for half the spending of fellow Democrat Johnston, and less than 1/10th of the commercials that Polis has scheduled.

Who’s going to be sick and tired of Democrats by primary day? We are. Already.