A video clip made the internet rounds this week of Mayor Hancock’s 22-year-old son throwing down some vulgar and politically incorrect language at a police officer after he was pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Jordan Hancock opens by revealing his family heritage and making assumptions about the officer’s sexual preferences.

“My dad’s the mayor, you f*#!ing f@got,” Hancock explains in the clip obtained by Denver 7 News.

The officer ascertains the young man is speaking of his father, the mayor of Denver, then politely explains to the brat that he’s not in Denver, he’s in Aurora.

“Guess what? I’m about to get you fired— you f*#!ing b^!ch,” young Hancock responds.

Mayor Hancock declined to comment on his own son’s behavior.

Instead, the mayor’s office issued a statement.

Quite frankly, we think that using staff paid with taxpayer dollars to issue a statement on a family matter that has nothing to do with governing is a gross abuse of his office. But we digress.

“We addressed this matter with Jordan and he has apologized to the officer. While we do not support nor condone his inexcusable actions and words during this traffic stop, we love our son dearly and support him.”

So there you have it. What Jordan did was wrong and his family supports him in that.

Meanwhile, the Aurora Police Department refused to comment on the incident, but is on a raging internal investigation to find out who dared leak the videotape of a politician’s son.

It’s suddenly becoming clear why Jordan thinks it’s okay to behave like an impudent child.

Watch the video here.