If the Democrat base wants a fighter to go up against Mike Coffman for CD-6, it appears that they have found one in Levi Tillemann (Dick). For better or for worse.

We wrote previously about the epic “truth hurts” conversation, recorded by Tillemann (Dick), where Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer straight up told Tillemann (Dick) that Pelosi and her political machine are squarely behind Jason Crow (who didn’t even live in the district). The Obama Administration lackey (that’s Tillemann Dick) didn’t step down then, and all signs still point to a protracted fight to the finish on June 26.

In a strange series of announcements, Tillemann (Dick) said that he would step away from the race if polling showed that Crow had a significantly better shot at unseating Coffman in November.  But he went one step further, and challenged Crow to drop out if the polling conflicted with the establishment DCCC narrative that Crow is the only candidate in the race with a legitimate shot at winning in the general.

While conventional wisdom among the Democrat establishment was that Crow would easily out-poll Tillemann (Dick), apparently that was not the case, and Tillemann (Dick) has vowed to stay in the contest after reviewing his polling data today.

There is a caveat.

Tillemann (Dick) has not released to the public or the media the poll results that supported his decision. No crosstabs, no nothing. So, for all we know, Tillemann (Dick) could have polled a bunch of Bernie supporters, who are his natural base.

This all makes for interesting palace intrigue among the Democrat party faithful.  Are they going to dutifully pull the lever for an out-of-district lawyer foisted upon them by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, or are CD-6 Democrats more interested in nominating a progressive candidate of their own choosing?  Coloradans, no matter what party, don’t take well to being pushed around by Washington insiders. We say grab the popcorn and let the games continue.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, the Colorado Ethiopian community threw sitting Republican Congressman Mike Coffman a “thank you” dinner for his efforts to hold the Ethiopian government accountable for its human rights abuses.

Which candidate is the serious candidate, again?