Teachers are back at work in Pueblo Monday after a week-long strike, having gotten their demands for more money and benefits.

The teachers voted Sunday to accept their demands for a 2 percent raise, retroactive from January, then they will get another raise in the fall of 2.5 percent. Plus, the school will kick in an extra $50 a month for health insurance contributions.

Teaching aids and assistants will get a $500 bonus payment for this year, and see a 3.25 percent raise this fall.

The cherry on top for all of this, teachers will get paid for the week they took off to strike, while parents had to scramble to find day care or take off work themselves.

Teachers can claim two of those days as personal days, and the district will pay for three days the teachers weren’t in school doing their jobs.

Now that Pueblo has caved, and then some, the question is will other teachers in Colorado follow suit and walk out of classrooms to strike for more money?