Almost everyone walked out of Boulder City Council chambers after the ban on so-called assault weapons passed, but that didn’t mean the progressive warriors on the dais were finished with their own assault on private property rights.

In front of an almost empty chambers, the council voted unanimously to ban fracking in Boulder…again. In what was called an emergency ordinance, members voted to extend the city’s fracking moratorium an additional two years.

These two feel-bad measures have one thing in common – they simply will make the liberals in Boulder feel good about themselves.  While we expect exactly zero Boulder residents to hand over their firearms, it is also worthwhile to point out that there has not been any interest in drilling within the Boulder city limits in almost a decade. (Although, to be fair, fracking has been banned for almost a decade, so….)

And, over the past few years, in jurisdictions where it actually mattered – such as Longmont and Ft. Collins – the Colorado Supreme Court unanimously struck down these local fracking bans as unconstitutional.

What are the anti-energy luddites scared of in Boulder this time (other than black guns)?  They were acting out of an abundance of caution because a couple companies are drilling in the far reaches of the county?  We know, scary stuff.