The big news from the Colorado Springs debate Saturday is Democrats running in the primary race for governor are scurrying as far from the Mother Ship as possible to distance themselves from the extreme lefties that dominate their party.

Take a seat, PeakNation™, and brace yourselves: all four Democrats refused to endorse the climate lawsuit led by Boulder against energy companies.

We gasped, too.

Here’s what those candidates — Jared Polis, Cary Kennedy, Donna Lynne and Mike Johnston had to say:

“Lawsuits aren’t a political matter. There have been lawsuits I’ve filed, amicus briefs in the past, and I’m happy to talk about those, but I have not intervened in this lawsuit,” Polis responded.

Kennedy offered the most direct response, ultimately opposing the litigation due to cost and time considerations.

“I don’t know that litigation is the best strategy, but these communities are looking for leadership,” Kennedy said. She also touted her commitment to renewable energy, calling for an immediate doubling of the current renewable mandate.

Johnston said he hasn’t even read the lawsuit, and Lynne said it was the governor’s job to bring both sides together to find common ground. Translation, they wobbled like a weeble.

So are the Democrats newly converted climate deniers, wishy washy on environmental stances that matter to liberals, or do they just like to drive automobiles?

The answer is yes, because independent voters are participating in the primary, and Democrats know what the majority of voters want.