As we get closer to the primary, the reporting becomes more frequent. Tonight’s reporting is for the period of May 3 through 16. Once again, State Treasurer Walker Stapleton raised the most ($40,946) and still has the most cash on hand (nearly $600,000). That said, in theory, former State Rep. Victor Mitchell could write himself another check and have plenty of money to finish strong.

Somewhat surprisingly, former Parker Mayor Greg Lopez raised the second most with $22,684.76, but only has $11,780 left in the bank. Robinson barely missed beating Lopez in fundraising – he was just off by about $600, but is in much better shape with almost $92,000 in the bank.

Below are the stats for the Republican gubernatorial candidates:

Greg Lopez

Raised: $22,684.76

Spent: $11,057.73

COH: $11,780.03

Victor Mitchell

Raised: $5,986.14

Spent: $539,500.39

COH:  $29,143.20

Doug Robinson

Raised: $22,099

Spent: $28,731.15

COH: $91,815.23

Walker Stapleton

Raised: $40,946

Spent: $285,237.14

COH: $590,391.18