We have noticed for a few weeks that State Rep. Faith Winter has been marketing her campaign with the weird Twitter hash tag #WinterIsComing.  Perhaps that sounds good in some sort of leftist dystopia, but most normal people don’t associate winter with life, energy, and positivity.  Not sure about most voters, but we would be more excited in characterizing Colorado as looking forward to spring, or something a bit more inspirational. Plus, in Winter’s world of climate change hysteria, do we still have winter or are we all on fire from global warming?

Winter, who is running to oust Republican State Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik will battle in the most watched and hotly contested State Senate in November.  Martinez Humenik is a Republican in a chamber where her party holds a one seat majority, so a lot will be riding on this campaign.

Winter, from Westminster, has lined up in favor of some of the most anti-competitive business legislation that came up in the legislature this year, such as forced paid medical leave, and she’s never met a progressive social issue that she didn’t like.

She proudly touts endorsements from the radical environmentalist group Sierra Club, and the abortion organization EMILY’s List.  She also has a 100% rating from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood Votes, and the Colorado government school teacher lobby.

Some of this may fly with her extreme wing of the Democrat party, but unlikely to impress in our working class northern suburbs.