The propaganda overlords, also known as public radio broadcasters, are excited to announce a brand new assimilation tool to get everyone on board with their campaign to demolish the 2nd Amendment.

It’s their “groundbreaking” national reporting mission called Guns & America, a two-year collaborative project with 10 “public media newsrooms” including KUNC in Greeley, “to train their attention on a singular issue: the role of guns in American life.”

It’s like National Gun Radio for liberals who live in 2nd Amendment-hating cities like Washington, D.C., Hartford, Connecticut, Portland, Oregon, and now course Greeley among other Democratic towns. D.C. liberals consider these “a diverse range of communities all over the country.”

The mission is to “report on how guns impact us as Americans, from the cultural significance of hunting and sport shooting, to the role guns play in suicide, homicide, mass shootings and beyond.”

We suppose self defense falls in the category of “beyond.”

According to the announcement from the Mother Ship in Washington, D.C, where most guns are illegal to own:

Operating across broadcast and online platforms, the Guns & America team will approach the topic of guns with nuance, accuracy, imagination, and innovative cross-platform storytelling. Expect to see our reporting online and to hear memorable stories on a public radio station near you.

Imaginative stories that are nuanced? They mean anti-gun spin.

They will hire “mid-career journalists” defined as three years experience — you know, not too experienced in real life but with enough knowledge to operate a tape recorder and capture those cool sound effects for which public radio is known.

The list of job requirements does not include any actual knowledge of guns or ammunition, so U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette qualifies.

They are encouraging applications from “underrepresented groups that can lend us diverse perspectives and experiences,” and “can change the conversation.”

And by that, we don’t think they mean conservatives, Republicans, hunters, or gun owners.