The first to sling mud within the Democratic primary race are supporters for Cary Kennedy — teachers who are spending $1.1 million on a TV ad to blast fellow Democrats Jared Polis and Mike Johnston.

According to the state’s top Democrat, Gov. Hickenlooper, it’s a risky move that could eliminate Kennedy’s frontrunner status and cost her the election, the Denver Post reports.

“Most polls I’d seen, it looked like Cary Kennedy was going to win anyway,” Hickenlooper said. “Why jeopardize her victory by turning this into a mudfest? I was disappointed.”

Polis is steaming mad over the ads, especially after everything he’s done for education — writing hundreds of personal checks to teachers through his non-profit in small grants.


Hickenlooper predicts that Johnston and Polis will have no choice but to also turn negative. And, it will all be Kennedy’s fault.

Although Hickenlooper claims he’s still undecided in the race, but it appears he is narrowing his choices.