In a kamikaze run that would make Admiral Yamamoto proud, Democrats have decided to run against America’s strong economy as part of their mid-term election strategy, according to a Canadian newspaper. And it looks like Colorado is going to play a weird role in this ill-fated plan.

In play are the tariffs that President Trump levied against Canada.  Our neighbors to the north did not take well to being included in a list of countries facing aluminum and steel tariffs, and responded by slapping tariffs on a weird and diverse list of American-made goods, such as felt tipped pens, ketchup, orange juice, and sleeping bags.

It’s the sleeping bag tariff that the Democrats, in their desperation to make a great economy look bad, will focus on in Colorado (it will be other things in other states).  Apparently there is a company in Grand Junction called Wiggy’s that employs 34 people and sells a lot of sleeping bags and other supplies to the U.S. military, as well as customers in Canada.

Democrats are hoping that Wiggy’s gets crushed, and then somehow enough Wiggy’s employees lose jobs that it will impact the re-election prospects of Congressman Scott Tipton in November.  The failure of Wiggy’s is important to Democrats because they consider Tipton a vulnerable Republican incumbent, and when you’ve smoked enough weed to believe that Americans will vote en masse against a booming economy, ideas like Tipton losing to someone like Arn Menconi start to make sense.

Whether Wiggy’s loses one Canadian cent worth of orders from this trade policy, no one really knows (nor do the Democrats actually care).  But it’s a clear illustration of the depths that Democrat political strategists have fallen to (oh yeah, they still have “identity politics” as was covered in the Denver Post this weekend).

When you’re out of ideas and out of options, you start to do strange things.