It was only a matter of time (we counted to three) before Democratic politicians seized on the Supreme Court wedding cake ruling to rally their voters using the very hate speech they decry.

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, who has been MIA through most of her tough Democratic primary, showed up at the Capitol Monday night and urged a crowd there to “fight every day to overcome the forces of hate and bigotry.”

Gov. Hickenlooper, who may someday threaten to think about running for president, added “People cannot be denied access based on their sexual orientation.”

But the couple was never denied access. They could have purchased any item in the bakery.
What they were denied, was special treatment, a customized wedding cake. The baker even offered to make them another cake that did not celebrate same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court was asked to weigh the constitutional religious rights of the baker versus the couple’s right to equal treatment under the law.

What they found instead was that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission mishandled the whole incident and the court struck down the commission’s ruling that not only sided against religion, but did so with great malice.

From the Denver Post:

Rally participants questioned how much precedent the decision will have on future clashes between religion and civil rights. They cried out for Colorado anti-discrimination laws and the state’s civil rights division to protect the fundamental rights of Coloradans.

The take away from yesterday’s Democratic rally is they want a repeat of the fiasco, and for the courts to strike down religious freedom, which appears to no longer be a “fundamental right of Coloradans.”

Whether we agree or not, there are religions that don’t accept same-sex marriage, abortion, even drinking alcohol or caffeine.

If one is adamant about getting a wedding cake from a baker with religious differences, then ask for a rainbow cake and add the topper yourself.

Sneak your own bottle of alcohol into Mormon-operated restaurants, and for Heaven’s sake, don’t seek abortions from Catholic hospitals.

Instead of adhering to hateful messages from politicians, can’t we all just try and get along? We can celebrate our differences without forcing the world to agree with us.