The Denver Post is teaming up with Denver7 to host separate gubernatorial debates somewhere before the June 26 election.

They will let us know where on the University of Denver campus it will be held and what time in the next few days.

They didn’t forgot about us voters. We expect they’ve just had a lot of other things on their minds lately, like keeping their jobs, firing the owners. You know, newspaper stuff.

They have announced that Democrats will debate on June 18, and the Republicans will debate on June 19.

We hope that doesn’t mean Republicans will just be asked to respond to everything said by Democrats the day before. We expect better from our liberal media.

The debate moderators will be Denver Post politics reporter John Frank and Denver7 anchor/reporter Anne Trujillo. Solid choices.

The viewing schedule is a little odd. Denver7 only gets to air the first hour, while the entire 90 minutes will be live-streamed by the Denver Post.

We’re hoping that’s so the moderators can take a PBS-style break to ask viewers to donate subscribe to the Post. If they gave away some cool merchandise like t-shirts or ski passes, we would totally cancel our subscriptions and resubscribe.