EPA administrator Scott Pruitt spoke at the Western Conservative Summit this weekend. One would think our liberal media, who are all about the environment, would have been interested in what he had to say, but one would be wrong.

Some newspapers were more interested in just mocking him. After all, he does serve in the Trump administration, and no one associated with this president can go unscathed.

We scoured local stories to see if Pruitt mentioned the Superfund cleanup that resulted after the epic Gold King Mine spill caused by the EPA under Obama’s rule.

Instead, we found this in the Denver Post.

Westword was more interested in where Pruitt stayed, his dry cleaning, and the model of security vehicle that delivered the EPA chief to the summit.

Last time we checked, Tesla is no hurry to manufacture security vehicles, let alone the Model 3.

We did a search to see what kind of vehicle Obama’s EPA Chief Gina McCarthy used when she visited Durango after the Gold King Mine spill. Interestingly, no one reported on it, or her security detail and dry cleaning.

A lot of liberals have complained that Pruitt even has security, but we honestly don’t blame him, or federal security officials for providing it. After all, radical environmentalists have a sordid history of being violent in this country.

Maybe this is the reason most media outlets ignored Pruitt’s speech altogether.

We did learn from some reports that the EPA is abolishing the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, and for that he gets a huge round of applause from us.