A new report out from the Colorado Petroleum Council unintentionally revealed an interesting tidbit about Democrats. While Democrats kvetch that there is no money for education, they also want to reduce or eliminate oil and gas development, which provides hundreds of millions of dollars directly to school districts. In fact, the report states:

“In 2014, a total of $434.7 million in property tax went to the counties, cities, and school districts. Over half of funds collected from property tax went directly to schools.”

Yet, Democrats continue to demonize the industry.

This nugget was part of an exhaustive 46-page report on the role that oil and gas play in Colorado. Another interesting piece of information is that the increased use of natural gas, which comes from fracking, which Democrats are trying to ban across the Front Range and beyond, is actually making our environment cleaner. One would think Democrats would applaud this news. One would be wrong.

From the report:

“With 60% lower emissions than coal, natural gas catalyzed Colorado‚Äôs decreasing CO2 emissions within the last ten years. Emissions from the electric power sector are at their lowest point since 1990, despite rising demand.”

That is a good thing, right greenies? With fractivists’ increased calls to ban fracking or regulate it into oblivion, we have to ask whether the priority is funding education and saving the environment or just punishing an industry.