Levi Tillemann (Dick), now YouTube famous for his Pepper Spray Challenge for some sort of anti-gun ad, is slated to appear on one of America’s most-listened to podcasts.  This American Life is broadcasted to nearly five million listeners through its syndication on 500 radio stations as well as though its podcasts, which are downloaded 2.5 million times per week.

Never heard of it?  Those 500 stations are all public radio stations.  So, go enlighten yourself.  Just kidding.  We never heard of it either, but it sounds like something that’s kind of a big deal in the Democrat primary voter demographic.  And we are simultaneously scratching our heads over the concept of 500 public radio stations in America.

During the show, which we expect to be released this Friday, Tillemann (Dick) is going to complain how Democrat party insiders have stacked the deck against supposed “outsider” candidates (him) to the benefit of DC-selected establishment candidates (Jason Crow) to push through the primary.

Tillemann (Dick) is a self-proclaimed outsider.  Please keep in mind that he also happens to be the grandson of Tom Lantos, who served nearly 30 years in the U.S. Congress until his passing about ten years ago, as well as the grandson of Nancy Dick, who served eight years as Lieutenant Governor of Colorado.

But that doesn’t matter.  He’s an outsider. He has a good number of his supporters so ginned up that we doubt they can even think of supporting Jason Crow in the general.  Which should add Crow to the list of Coffman’s vanquished opponents in about five months.

While we can safely say that Tillemann (Dick) will not be representing the 6th Congressional District at this time next year, we are grateful for the entertainment value that he has brought to the race.  Between his secret recording of Steny Hoyer, the pepper spray commercial, and this national podcast, Colorado political pundits haven’t had this much fun since Dan Maes.