With just under two weeks to go until Colorado’s primary election, we have to wonder whether exceptionally well-funded Phil Weiser can oust Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Foot in Mouth) in the Democratic Attorney General primary.

While much noise was made about the Democratic gubernatorial results from the Magellan poll last week, the real shocker was how poorly Weiser was doing. Despite his serious lack of cash, Joe Salazar is up 19 points on the former Obama Department of Justice official. To put a finer tip on this, Salazar is at 27% and Weiser is at 8%.

Two months ago, a similar Magellan poll had the race at 34% to 5%. Of the $1.4 million Weiser’s raised he only has $122,794.22 left. Weiser has blown over $1.2 million and it has barely moved the needle – three points. That’s pretty close to the margin of error.

Either Democrats will send a candidate far out of step with the average Coloradan in Salazar, or Weiser will limp into the general with no cash and a lot of baggage. Either way, Democrats are in a terrible position for this race.