A group of Denver Post ex patriots have secured two years of funding and are forming their own news website, The Colorado Sun.

The funders are a group called Civil, an organization that appears to be building local and investigative news websites through a new blockchain-based system that involves reader donors and tokens and other stuff.

Civil bills themselves as “the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism” and the anti- Alden Global. Yes, it looks a little liberal.

Colorado Public Radio has the details on the funding structure.

They promise no paywall, sort of, and a staff of veteran Colorado news folk who will provide in-depth and long-form stories — that’s what journalists say when they mean investigative and enterprise.

Jason Blevins, former Post reporter now working for the Sun, says their venture won’t be payback for the layoffs and downsizing by Alden Global.

However, we’re now taking bets on how long after the summer launch we will see an in-depth, and long-form story on Alden Global.

Odds are 2-1 for the first 60 days.

Posties turned Sunnies include co-founding editor Larry Ryckman, Blevins, John Ingold, Kevin Simpson, Tamara Chuang and Jennifer Brown, plus editor Dana Coffield and web developer Eric Lubbers.