U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman

In another episode of the nasty left politicizing everything, now they are after Father’s Day.  Many of the uplifting Father’s Day messages from Republican Members of Congress were met by nasty, vile responses by Democrats over the weekend.

Joe Salazar, who is going through the Democratic primary for Attorney General, was in full Russian bot mode on Sunday night, hastily posting duplicate messages against multiple Father’s Day messages left by Members of Congress to their constituents on Twitter.

Going after Mike Coffman, the only Member of Congress who served in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Salazar called him a “coward.”  I’m sure that really left a mark, given Salazar’s distinguished record of courage, selfless service, and willingness to sacrifice his own personal well-being for others.

Oh, that’s right, the keyboard ranger Joe Salazar has never done any of that.

We’re not sure what Salazar was thinking, but we’re pretty sure his ugly and aggressive behavior is not what Colorado voters are looking for in an attorney general.