The Post Independent in Glenwood Springs has bypassed the presumed Democratic frontrunner in the 3rd Congressional District and has instead endorsed lawyer Karl Hanlon for the party primary.

Hanlon grew up on the Wyoming border but now lives in Carbondale and practices law in Glenwood Springs. He also served on the Roaring Fork School Board that includes Glenwood Springs.

So there you have it, local paper endorses local boy for Democratic primary.

The Post Independent passed on fellow Democrat Mitsch Bush, calling her an experienced politician.

They also gave radical socialist Arn Menconi a pat on the back for being a loud voice on social justice issues.

The newspaper is banking on Hanlon’s limited political experience to appeal to 3rd District voters in the general election, who they say, “aren’t as big on political experience and who remain leery of government regulation. When it comes to picking their congressional representative, they’re also inclined to pick someone they can relate to, and who can relate to them.”

The later is very true, and it’s rare that voters in the sprawling 3rd District across the Western Slope can relate to Democrats living in the shadow of Aspen.

We’re not holding our breath that incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton will get the paper’s endorsement in the general election.

The newspaper is not fond of energy production, especially coal and gas, or sharing public lands with anyone except the locals and bears.

In the 2016 election, they endorsed Democrat Gail Schwartz who was defeated by Tipton with 55 percent of the vote. Another five percent went to the Libertarian candidate, and Schwartz lost with 40 percent.