Numerous excuses are being bandied about as to why Denver had to forfeit its chance to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

The main excuse is the city expected the event to occur in August, and now that the July dates have been announced, it turns out the city is already booked.

God only knows how many hours or days the city spent to submit their 1,000-page bid. It looks like they took everything into account except when the conventions are historically held — before August.

In the entire history of Democratic National Conventions held since 1832, only eight of the events have been held as late as August, once in September.

From the start, Denver had a 86 percent chance of getting the August date wrong.

Denver was completely unprepared for history to repeat itself, and instead booked the city to hold three as-yet secret events for July they say will bring in an expected $45 million boost to the city.

Considering the 2008 Democratic convention brought in an estimated $266 million, this could very well turn out to be the worst economic gamble ever made by the city.

Just admit it, Denver. Your heart was never fully committed to hosting your fellow Democrats in 2020. Most of your voters are still pissed that Bernie Sander was robbed in the last presidential primary.