Ever since it was revealed that Jared Polis has been lax on releasing his income taxes, and skipped out entirely on paying taxes for several years, we’ve started to notice a pattern in his campaign platform.

Polis is promising to give voters a lot of free things, only it’s the poor and middle class voters who will actually foot the bill to pay for those free things they may never use, and in fact it will cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

As any democrat will tell you, rich people don’t pay taxes, only the middle class and poor people pay taxes.

And Polis, is rich.

So when Polis promises that if he’s elected governor he will create Medicare for all, and free childcare for all, rational people will ask who is paying for it?

Not Polis. He didn’t even pay taxes from 2001 through 2005.

And what about his 2040 energy plan that will cost a fortune? Not for Polis, he’s rich and can afford it.

We’re not even sure how much money Polis has (see refusal to release income taxes), but some estimates are as high as $200 million.

No wonder he can afford to drop more than $11 million without blinking to buy himself a job that only pays $90,000.

He’s making an investment in the future all right — his financial future.