U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette and fellow congresswomen toured some U.S. border entries over the weekend to solve the problem of caring for children when their parents are jailed for illegal crossings.

We’re confused by their dress attire of jackets and long sleeves, because the heat index this weekend on the southern border was over 100 degrees.

Perhaps they thought the problem was occurring along the Canadian border?

Anyway, they did head south as evidenced in this photo, where DeGette is clearly sweating as she clings to her Eric Javits designer handbag while speaking to a woman seeking legal entry at the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville, Texas.

DeGette’s designer handbag by Eric Davits retailed for $485 at high-end department stores.

DeGette’s handbag, by the way, is part of Eric Javits’ Squishee Clip II handbag collection that originally retailed at Neiman Marcus for $485.

A tad insensitive, we believe, to be a sporting designer handbag while touring the circumstances of these poor souls. But we digress.

After her tweet tour, DeGette came back with her own solution to holding adults in jail who illegally crossed the border then pled for asylum, and their children who are put in the care of Health and Human Services during the process.

Her proposal: Send lawyers, bureaucrats and money.

Lawyers are needed at the border detention centers to advise immigrants of their rights as lawbreakers in this country.

DeGette also says the U.S. needs to send money to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Ecuador, the home countries of many illegal aliens caught crossing the border illegally.

Presumably, if it’s raining our tax dollars down there, criminals will stop fighting long enough to collect the windfall, or something.

Considering the living wage is about $20 a day in Guatemala, DeGette might consider auctioning her handbag and donating to the cause.

But, she says the illegal immigrants aren’t here to make money.

“We didn’t meet anyone who said they were coming here because they wanted to get a job,” DeGette said during a press conference clip posted on her Twitter account.

Instead, she says they were coming to “flee gang violence, and death.”

DeGette’s final suggestion is to take away Homeland Security’s authority to house illegal immigrants caught by border officials, and the care of children by Health and Human Services officials, and create an immigration czar.

That one person, she believes, will magically do the trick to quell the refugee uproar, which by the way was sparked by a cropped photograph taken wildly out of context and exploited by the media and Democrats.