The Democratic primary in the Sixth Congressional District is proving to be one of the wackiest in years. First, Jason Crow doesn’t even live in the district. Then, Levi Tillemann (Dick) records a conversation between him and Democratic Minority Whip Steny Hoyer in which Hoyer tries his damnedest to push Tillemann (Dick) out of the race. Then, Tillemann (Dick) maced himself.

Finally, there is today.

Tillemann (Dick) is accusing Crow of sending out a fake robocall from “Bernie Sanders” in which Sanders allegedly endorsed Crow, which is laughable on its face. More laughable? The fake Sanders on the phone. We can totally see a bunch of drunk staffers pulling off this stunt. We can almost hear them laughing in this clip.

While Tillemann (Dick) is accusing Crow, there are some on the interwebs asking some pretty pointed questions of Tillemann (Dick). For example, exactly how many people received these calls? Lifelong Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to claim that they received no such call.

If you look at the pattern of shenanigans in this primary – and by shenanigans, we meanĀ  utterly crazy political stunts – most begin with the Dick campaign. Was this call some kind of false flag operation? Was Jason Crow really trolling for more votes from the Bernie crowd?

Enquiring minds want to know….