Tonight’s election will be history making. No, not because of Jared Polis. Because so many Colorado voters sent back ballots.

As of this afternoon, approximately 983,703 ballots had been returned, according to a Secretary of State report. That doesn’t even count the ballots returned today, Election Day, a day on which some still prefer to vote in person.

Currently, Colorado has 3,247,689 registered voters. The best turnout over the last ten years was in 2010 when there were hotly contested primaries. While the population was lower (so raw ballot returns were lower), the percentage of turnout was at 32.36%, nearly ten points higher than the next best turnout. In order for Colorado to break records (at least over the past ten years), turnout has to hit 1,051,277, which would put us at 32.37% turnout.

Our best guess? By the end of the night, the total ballots submitted will be over 1.1 million, possibly over 1.2 million. At 1.2 million, that’s almost a 37% turnout, which would be huge.

Stay tuned, PeakNation™, the night is just getting started.