Diana DeGette won her Democratic primary by a landslide, nearly 75,000 votes to Saira Rao’s tally that neared 31,000 votes.

Most politicians with any sense of self-awareness, not to mention decent manners, would have thanked their opponent for running either a clean, positive, enlightening or challenging race — take your pick.

But not this entrenched Denver Democrat now poised to serve a 12th term, 24 years total, in the U.S. House. When DeGette does retire or is finally beat, her pension will be so enormous she’ll be able to join the millionaire’s club with Jared Polis. But we’re getting off point.

Here’s DeGette’s reaction to her win, as reported by the Denver Post:

“It really didn’t turn out to be a very strong challenge, did it?” DeGette said in an interview Tuesday night.


The nicest thing DeGette could find to say about her opponent is that she was well funded. Or, maybe that was just a warning to those who contributed to Rao instead of DeGette.

Either way, it was a greedy statement given that DeGette outspent her opponent, as usual, with $720,000, compared to Rao’s $415,000.

The sore winner’s comments did not escape Rao, who fired back her own warning that DeGette hasn’t seen the last of her.