Two days after the election, and there’s still no sign of a concession speech coming anytime soon from Sore Loser-in-Waiting Joe Salazar in the Democratic primary race for attorney general against presumed winner Phil Weiser.

Weiser was ahead by 11,903 on election night, but that lead dwindled slightly to 8,622 on Wednesday, and again to 5,198 votes Thursday morning.

According to the map listed on the Secretary of State’s website, the slow count is due to only partial reports in Montrose County, where votes are being counted by hand because of ballot barcode issues.

Plus, there are provisional ballots that must be considered.

It’s looking mathematically improbably for Salazar to catch, let alone pass Weiser. Only 2,620 ballots were cast for Democrats in Montrose County, and less than 800 ballots remain unopened.

That is, unless Salazar knows something we don’t, and has several thousand votes tucked away in provisional ballots somewhere.