U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is urging President Trump to nominate U.S. Court of Appeal Judge Allison Eid of Colorado to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

Eid does not legislate from the bench, and is “dedicated to upholding the Constitution our Founders created,” Gardner said in his letter to Trump.

“She is smart, principled, savvy, hard-working, and dedicated She is a superb jurist, with more than 10 years of service on the Colorado Supreme Court in addition to her time on the Tenth Circuit following your appointment.”

“That service provides a track record of consistent, conservative decisions.”

High praise, indeed. We can only hope for another Supreme Court justice from Colorado to follow in the footsteps of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Eid is already on Trump’s short list of potential nominees, as is the chief judge of the Appeals Court, Timothy Tymkovich.

Justice Kennedy, who was appointed by Reagan, announced this week he will retire at the end of July.