In case you were wondering which special interest group is most important to Democrats, wonder no more. The winner, as demonstrated by Rep. Jared Polis’ pick for Lieutenant Governor in Dianne Primavera, is the establishment wing of the Democratic Party.


It’s kind of like the one that keeps getting away. Polis wants so desperately to be liked by Establishment Democrats that he keeps kowtowing to them in every election, only to be rebuffed when it’s time for a leadership position. Is Dianne Primavera the key to winning over the establishment? We doubt it.

Fortunately, she’s completely beatable. Republicans have done it before and can do it again. In 2010, a year regarded as a horrific year for Republicans as the top of the GOP ticket basically imploded, Primavera lost her state House seat to Don Beezley, who edged her out by 314 votes.

Our rating on Polis’ pick? Big shrug. But we have to wonder what they’re hiding announcing the pick at 6 p.m. before a Wednesday holiday.

Either Polis’ campaign was so desperate to change the narrative from last week they rushed to put this together and failed (again). Or, they thought they had to do it by law today or tomorrow, which is incorrect and just another sign that campaign is being run miserably. Or, they intentionally thought getting lost in the July 4th black hole of news coverage was beneficial, which either means they are stupid or trying to hide Polis from press.

No matter which way you look at it, it just looks bad.