According to the Twitters, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Rep. Jared Polis will announce his lieutenant governor pick today at 6 p.m. In preparation for his announcement, here are a list of names that we’ve heard were in the mix:

  • Former Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino – C’mon, this guy is making bank as the Chief Financial Officer of Denver Public Schools. Why would he put himself through this?
  • Former Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll – See Mark Ferrandino.
  • U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette – Oh my God, you guys, for the love of all things holy, somebody pick DeGette for something. Anything. She is the dean of the delegation, FFS.
  • State Rep. Joe Salazar – The pro? He could potentially bring the Bernie folks along. The con? He is Joe Salazar. He has no filter. He says stuff that’s embarrassing and he’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.
  • Mayor Michael Hancock – He may have sexually harassed the ladies, but damn he keeps skating by. Break in case of emergency – he will bail you out. There is nobody, we mean nobody, who can get out of a pinch like Hancock. That’s not a compliment.

But the most important question is who does Polis actually trust and who trusts him? The latter question is the easiest. Nobody trusts Polis. Despite the fact that President Trump and Polis are probably quite far apart on policy, they suffer from the same tyranny of whims and self-absorption.

Just read this article. Words and phrases used to describe Polis include “self-absorbed”, “selfish”, “shrewd”, “pit bull”, “too much self-confidence”, “too little self-awareness”, and “hard to move”.  Sounds more like Trump than it does Obama. Will he pick someone who provides stability and balance or someone who ignites a different part of his base?

Either way, Polis is often a one-man island and it will be interesting to see who gets voted on his island.