PeakNation™, it’s been a very tough first week of the campaign for Jared Polis.

First, Jared Polis totally botched the days following his bitterly-won primary, by failing to coalesce Colorado Democrats around his extreme agenda and then hastily arranging a ‘unity’ event that was widely mocked by Colorado press as a ‘unity event without the unity.’ See example below.

Yes, that will happen when you don’t include your three primary opponents in said ‘unity’ event.

Today, things are getting even worse for the Polis campaign and the team running ole’ Money Bags Polis’ operation.

For some inexplicable reason, Polis announced his lieutenant governor pick yesterday in the news black hole of 4th of July vacation week when most of Colorado is on vacation. Why would Polis’s team decide to take one of the few big events they have to announce and do it when no one is watching?

Yesterday, we could only guess it might be to change the disastrous narrative from their botched unity event, or due to general stupidity.

Now, we have an answer. Judging by the hair-on-fire response from Colorado Democrats on Twitter today, it seems as though Polis’ team is so incompetent they thought they HAD TO announce the pick by today.

Oops! That’s not true and look no further than Secretary of State spokesperson Lynn Bartel’s tweet yesterday explaining as much.

Bottom Line: The Polis campaign is struggling to execute even basic functions of this campaign right out of the gate, while Stapleton’s campaign is demonstrating all the signs of a thoughtful and well-planned and executed campaign.