One thing we’ve noticed over here is that almost every campaign operative not directly involved in the governor’s race we’ve talked to over the last few days have given a thumbs-up to Stapleton’s choice to announce his lieutenant governor pick in the weeks after 4th of July weekend.

The consensus is that anyone with at least a campaign for dog catcher under their belt knows the return on announcements near major holidays is zero. The only reason to make the announcement might be if, say, you’re trying to change the subject from a failed ‘unity tour’.

Also, Stapleton now has the spotlight to himself and appears to be the only one to ever read what the law actually says regarding the announcement of an lieutenant governor.

Points to Stapleton for a smart, well-planned campaign move, and also for likely setting the precedent for every future gubernatorial campaign.

It’s already comical right now watching Democrats and washed-up commentators kick the self-righteous outrage machine into gear because change is hard for some folks, but it will be even funnier next cycle when the Democrats follow Governor Stapleton’s lead and announce on the same timeframe.

We’re sure the usual curmudgeons will be yelling, ‘Get Off My Lawn’ just as vehemently in 2022…right? Looking at you, Democrats.