Do they wear this at the Justice Department?

Look, we’re not saying that service to the Justice Department isn’t serving your country, we’re just saying that’s it not exactly the same as being in harm’s way like being in active duty in the military. In a recent interview with Colorado’s Morning News on KOA, Democratic Attorney General candidate Phil Weiser compared his service to his country to Brauchler’s service. Sorry, buddy, there’s just no comparison.

Here’s how Weiser described Brauchler:

“He’s an ambitious formidable politician, he’s run for office before, he was running for governor…last summer.”

Weiser quickly compared Brauchler’s service to his own in the Justice Department:

“I’m a first-time person running for public office. I’m a public servant. My whole life has been about service.”

Weiser seems to have conveniently forgotten that Brauchler has been mobilized twice to active duty and is a Colonel in the Colorado Army National Guard. Oh, and don’t forget that Brauchler has served the people of Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln counties as their District Attorney.

But, you know, Weiser is right, his service at the Justice Department, with it’s awesome government benefits and job security (not to mention the inflated pay in higher education) definitely compares to Brauchler serving his country in uniform.

Just remember, PeakNation and Colorado veterans, Phil Weiser thinks that his cushy job at the Justice Department is just like the sacrifices a veteran makes.

We can’t roll our eyes enough.