Aurora has a winning campaign strategy for persuading voters to give the green light to the city’s practice of issuing traffic fines by using cameras posted at intersections.

They’re not going to tell voters the whole truth — the part where red-light ticketing can be expanded to fine those making illegal turns, speeding, and driving without insurance.

The cameras could also snap pictures of license plates on stolen cars, but other than issuing tickets to the owner of the since-stolen vehicle for traffic violations, we can’t see much good that would do.

If the city puts the issue to voters in the November election, they would only be asked if they want to keep the current red light system. They won’t be bothered about that other stuff, and 9News asked why that is:

“The answer to that question is no because that is going to be totally unrelated to the question. For us to do all of those things with red light cameras would be a major policy change, and that would go through an extended public outreach process,” Now-Mayor Bob LeGare told the station. “Once this is on the ballot, there’ll be some opposition group pointing all of these things out.”

That’s the problem with opposition, they tend to spout off about facts and why they oppose something.