It’s not surprising that the left-leaning Denverite would pick up on Democratic Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s frequent use of the words “social justice” in his recent speech. It’s frankly probably more surprising that he would use those words given his recent escapades in what some would call social injustice (i.e., sexually harassing his security detail).

What was more noteworthy, however, was Hancock’s commitment to inserting 125 more miles of bike lanes in Denver. From Denverite:

“Hancock announced a plan to accelerate construction of the bike network, adding 125 new miles of bike lanes over the next five years. ‘It’s time our streets learn to share,’ he said.”

So, here is where we feel it necessary to mention that Colorado is not California, except in amount of traffic, possibly. More bike lanes will make traffic worse. It’s not just us saying it. Not to mention, Colorado is a frozen tundra a few months out of the year. So, we install bike lanes and, then, cannot use them for three months? That seems ridiculous.

And, what if you have kids? Are you going to strap your newborn onto your back on the bike ride home? Forget groceries. Forget dry cleaning. Forget hardware store necessities. God forbid you need toilet paper.

We’ve said it a thousand times. Bike lanes are just totally impractical. Just stop with the pandering to the wildly unrealistic in our society.