During the primary campaign, Governor Hickenlooper didn’t show much support for the front runner and inevitable nominee Jared Polis. There was speculation that for a variety or reasons, Polis wasn’t high on Hickenlooper’s list to carry on as the party’s standard bearer in Colorado. Regardless though, serious politicos could weakly write off the governor’s lack of support for the common practice of not getting involved with the primary to replace you.

But common sense dictates that once the November ballot was finalized, Hickenlooper would give his full throated endorsement of Polis’ candidacy.  It doesn’t seem to be playing out that way.

The most recent evidence of this awkward rift comes in a quote that Hickenlooper gave to the New York Times.  When pressed about working across the aisle in swing states, Hickenlooper was given the opportunity to heap praise on a moderate Democrat candidate seeking election in a competitive environment.  Would he go with what you would think to be an easy answer – the guy running to replace him?  Not exactly.

Instead of taking the opportunity to throw a bone to Polis, Hickenlooper went clear across the country, to show support for Stacey Abrams, who is running for governor of Georgia.  “They’ll bring a voice of moderation” said Hickenlooper of Abrams, and other moderate Democrats – not Jared Polis.

So when will Hickenlooper really get on board with the Polis candidacy.  As a guy contemplating running for president, the governor has to feel that his support would be meaningful.  Why he doesn’t seem to want a successful run for Polis – a lot of people are wondering the exact same thing.