This week in First World problems, we learn that leftist Coloradans are mad at Starbucks, again, for cups that aren’t sensitive to their political leanings.

These aren’t just red cups at Christmas time we’re talking about (quelle horreur!), but a collector’s coffee mug from the “Been There” edition including this cup for Colorado.

Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times writes that fractivists find it “super insensitive” a drilling rig would be among the dozen icons representative of our diverse state, so they did what pissed off greenies do — they launched a Twitter hashtag protest.

Proving once again they think reality is whatever they pretend it to be, enviros are informing the world that #oilandgasisnotcolorado.

Sorry cupcakes, but oil and gas most certainly is in Colorado and there’s not a hashtag thing you can do to make it disappear — except to extract it all.

Be our guest.

Colorado’s mug has plenty of icons across it that represent the state. There’s a big ole’ bucking bronco, towering trees, several kayaks, a bike, homeless STRIKE camping tent, skis in the snow, Rocky Mountains, Colorado River, an Air Force jet, and yes, energy rigs.

Be thankful we’re not Oklahoma.

Or Texas. Their rigs are messy.

Even worse, Ohio got a towering traffic light, and the red colored cup features the Cuyahoga River, but the water is colored brown so apparently it’s no longer on fire from pollution.

Then there’s poor West Virginia, they got a coal car and a burning mine, and what appears to be a stack of dynamite. On the other side is an ax and a shovel, and a bear below a backpack missing its hiker.

There’s enough room on the Colorado mug for everyone to have their political say, so everyone just buy an iced espresso, and chill.