Tom Edward’s farting unicorn fuels an electric car.

What started out as a joke that electric cars are run on the magical farts of unicorns, turned into an actual symbol for Elon Musk and the Tesla vehicles.

That’s after Musk, ahem, borrowed the farting unicorn design from a potter in Evergreen who actually created it for  ceramic pieces in 2010.

In a situation that started with tweets, then escalated in tweets, it’s all been settled now through tweets, lawyers, and a an undisclosed cash settlement for the potter, Tom Edwards.

The farting unicorn is an app on the touchscreen, was used in an ad and even a Christmas card to Tesla owners, Westword reports.

The funny part about this story, is what was totally lost in translation after Musk incorporated the design.

Edwards dreamed up the image back in 2010, as a design for one of the ceramic pieces he sells on Written on the mug: “Electric cars are good for the environment because electricity comes from magic.”

It’s a joke, he explains, because lots of people don’t understand where electricity comes from.

The joke is actually on drivers of cars like the Tesla, because their vehicles are powered by electricity plants that fart coal.

This is just another nail in the head of hypocrites who preach that fossil fuels are bad, while promoting vehicles they probably think runs on magical unicorn farts … after ingesting lumps of coal.