UPDATE: Dumbest thing of all? Apparently, Stapleton’s great-grandfather was a Democrat. Democrats are freaking out about Democratic extracurricular activities.

Guys. This is just dumb. So, apparently, Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton’s great grandfather may have been part of the Klu Klux Klan when it experienced a surge of support here in Colorado like 100 years ago.

Without a doubt, the KKK is bad. Also, without a doubt, Walker Stapleton had nothing to do with any organization his great-grandfather once belonged to. In fact, public records show that Stapleton’s great-grandfather died 25 years before Walker Stapleton was born.

The fact that the New York Times wrote an entire article on this oppo dump says less about Stapleton and more about how far the New York Times has fallen in terms of journalistic integrity. Why is the great-grandfather of Walker Stapleton, a candidate running in Colorado, not in New York, even a concern to the New York Times?

Was this a Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet insider hookup? If you recall, PeakNation™, Bennet’s brother, James, is the editorial page editor of the New York Times. If the Bennet Brothers are involved, shame on them. We’d hate to dig up what kind of “Heart of Darkness”-style atrocities their father was party to in India in the 1960s or as HMFIC of USAID.

Shame,too, on the New York Times for printing this garbage because it unnecessarily tarnished the paper’s sterling (ha) reputation for what? Nobody cares about this narrative, certainly not voters.