This past week, there was a vote in the House of Representatives to denounce calls to abolish ICE.  It should have been a straightforward vote, but Jared Polis, torn between what’s right for Colorado and the angry mob screaming for “crushed ICE” (Polis’ natural constituency) could not pull the trigger on a vote either way on the measure.

Colorado Republican Party Chair Jeff Hays was quick with his condemnation of Polis’ inaction, saying, “if Polis were a real leader, he would have stood up for public safety and our law enforcement professionals.  Instead, he chose the coward’s way out.”

If Polis cannot even make a decision on a matter as easy as this, how can we expect him to rule on important things, such as the Chuck E. Cheese killer, who is still alive on death row because our current Democrat governor cannot decide to do the right thing.  Perhaps Polis is just getting some practice now not making a decision.

The next few months should be interesting, as extremists in the Democrat party are successfully introducing radical ideas into the mix, and in doing so are almost legitimizing very strange and backwards ideas within their own party.  We saw Alexandria Ocasio Cortez run after every television camera in sight ranting about Israeli “occupation” and abolishing ICE.

In fact, just 18 Democrats voted to condemn the calls to abolish ICE on the resolution that Polis shamefully voted “present” on.  With the increased radicalization of the Democrat party, we need to really ask Polis where he stands.  Should ICE be abolished? Should taxpayers foot the bill for college for everyone?  Should we have Medicare for all – and what does that cost?  Should there be a Universal Jobs Guarantee?

How Polis responds to these questions will determine whether he is for Colorado’s middle class or for Democrats’ radical base.