It’s a strange tack for Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper – an elected official who couldn’t beg his way into the Veep spot in 2016 is now making overtures in New Hampshire for the 2020 spot.

This info according to a tweet by veteran reporter Paul Steinhauser:

Let’s consider this possibility. What exactly does Hickenlooper bring to a Democratic ticket? Colorado already typically votes for the Democrat for President. He’s probably not the guy to bring in the crazy Bernie side of the party. With Hickenlooper’s thin skin, he’d fold under the ridicule of President Trump in a way that would make Clinton look tough. He’s the pro-economy Democrat who will go up against a President who has unleashed the United States’ ferocious economic power.

Then again, with the blistering Democratic primaries in Colorado and the sharp leftward turn the Democratic Party in Colorado has taken, we can hardly blame him for wanting to escape this summer’s heat.

Nonetheless, if we were Hick, we wouldn’t measure for the White House curtains just yet.